Tucker Rocky Show: New tools, parts from BikeMaster, Pro Taper, QuadBoss

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Jul 26, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas - Tucker Rocky’s apparel house brands (see links at bottom) aren’t the only ones displaying numerous new products. The distributor also has many new hard parts and tools from house brands BikeMaster, Pro Taper and QuadBoss that it's showing off this weekend at its annual dealer show here in downtown Fort Worth.

The new Pro Taper Profile Clutch Perch combines a low-profile design with a factory-race-team-inspired quick-adjust star to “provide one of the most technologically advanced universal assemblies on the market.” With sealed bearings at the lever pivot, the Profile assembly “virtually eliminates friction and provides a smooth, consistent lever feel.”

The Profile is made from 6061 forged aluminum with an anodized finish. It fits most dirtbikes and retails for $69.99 or for $89.99 with an optional four-stroke hotstart assembly that accepts most dirtbike hotstart cables. Also available are parts kits and replacement levers in black or polished silver.

Dealers can buy the new BikeMaster Parts Washer for $83.97. Suggested retail is $139.95 for a 40 percent margin. The UL- and SAA-certified lightweight washer measures 26 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches, has a 32-inch flexible spout, and comes with a filter installed.

BikeMaster says the insulated and corrosion-proof washer is safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than using the sink. Users also save money in solvent, the company claims.

The BikeMaster Air Compressor has a dealer price of $21.59 and a retail price of $35.95 for a 40 percent margin. The compressor’s 9.5-foot power cord hooks into a 12V power supply (10-amp maximum current consumption, 140-watt power). The compressor has a 28 mm cylinder diameter and produces a maximum pressure of 7 bars (101 psi) at 25 liters per minute. It comes with a 33-inch hose, a built-in six-LED flashlight, and a storage bag.

QuadBoss’ new line of UTV covers are constructed of heavy-duty, quick-drying polyester. They feature a UV-resistant coating and double-stitched interlocking seams. The covers are vented on both sides to let air pass through and to help them stay secure in high winds. The UTV 4-Seater cover ($89.99 retail) has an elastic cord sewn into the bottom hem for a snug fit and a driver-side zipper that allows for easy access. The UTV Crew cover ($99.99) has 10 hooks with reinforced grommets for attaching the cover to the base of the UTV.

QuadBoss’ new Spot Sprayer is available in 25- or 40-gallon corrosion-proof polyethylene tanks. The Spot Sprayer flows 1.8 gallons per minute using a 12-volt ShurFlo pump that connects directly to the vehicle’s battery and is controlled by a toggle switch. The Spot Sprayer system includes the pump, handwand and spray nozzle with 6 feet of hose and integrated drain for easy cleanup. The spray nozzle adjusts to reach 25 feet or a fine mist for up-close coverage. It can also be used in conjunction with QuadBoss Booms and Swing Away Booms, which are sold separately. Includes ratchet straps for mounting to the ATV or UTV. MSRPs: 25-gallon, $299.99; 40-gallon, $309.99.

QuadBoss has a new line of High Performance Radiator Cooling Fans and OEM Replacement Cooling Fans. The brand claims that the increased air flow will help prevent the overheating often caused by towing heavy loads or crawling through deep mud. The sealed motor mounts to the vehicle’s radiator. The High Performance Radiator Cooling Fans meet or exceed OEM specifications and come with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.

The new QuadBoss Wide Boy Ramp introduced earlier this year is on display this weekend. It is constructed of 6063T5 billet aluminum with a 0.07-inch wall thickness. The ramp measures 33 inches by 88 inches extended, and folds up to 33 inches by 44 inches. The rungs are spaced 2.75 inches apart. The top portion of the ramp is arched to prevent dragging while loading and unloading, and vinyl coated tips to protect trucks and trailers. The Wide Boy is weight-rated at 1,500 lbs. and boasts a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

QuadBoss claims its new line of drive belts will allow an ATV or UTV to run cooler and last longer. The belts are available in three styles based on the engine displacement of the unit. The SEL ATV drive belts are recommended for engines 500cc and lower. These belts are manufactured from rubber-reinforced polychloroprene and p-aramid cord for strength, enhanced dimensional integrity and longer belt life. The PRO ATV drive belt is recommended for engines 650cc and lower. They are constructed of extra-strong p-aramid cord reinforcement and an engineered-fiber-loaded neoprene compound. The TQX ATV drive belts are recommended for engine engines 1,000cc and lower. They’re constructed of high-strength, low-stretch Aramid cords and specially formulated compression compounds. All QuadBoss drive belts come with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine. Press images courtesy Tucker Rocky