Tucker Rocky Show: Quad Boss takes a hard look at soft luggage


GRAPEVINE, Texas - The folks over at Quad Boss figured out that soft luggage for four wheelers might be a bit better if it weren't so, well, soft.

And thus we have the XT Soft Luggage, which comes with an integrated exoskeleton that helps the bags keep their shape and protect whatever it is a person would be carrying inside them.

As Quad Boss brand manager James Kramer tells it, the bags — as does the other Quad Boss gear — comes in boxes that are created by the brand (a Tucker Rocky house brand) itself so they're uniform and can be used to build great displays.

The XT Rear Rack bag has a a huge, tall padded central main compartment with large openings and comes with two removable side compartments. But what about the cold beverages? Don't worry, 12 of them can fit in a insulated cooler compartment on the front of the bag.

Up front, the XT Front Bag also has a large, padded central compartment with dual access so your customers never have to dig far to find their goodies. This bag also has removable side compartments.

The rider of the quad will appreciate the XT Tank Saddle BAg that has a a removable clear zippered window pocked for stashing maps or a GPS. The right side compartment has an interior padded pistol pocket.

And no trip into the woods is complete without an MP3 player full of tunes. For this, Quad Boss offers the Boom Bag, a Cycle Sounds system that allows a rider to attach two waterproof, 200-watt speakers to the brand's Zipperless Oversized Bag.

The setup includes a 50-watt, 2-channel digital amplifier and — of course — a removable, insulated cooler with a shoulder strap that fits inside the large compartment of the Oversized Bag.