Tucker Rocky Show: Risk's Magnetic Light Mine blows up


GRAPEVINE, Texas - Like Risk Racing's Magnetic Light Mine? You'll probably like the newer version just as much.

Look over there, in that picture on the right. That's the new, larger Magnetic Light Mine sitting next to the original light as a comparison.

The new version comes with lighting on two ends (white and red LEDs) that have five different functions and a design that allows the batteries to be easily replaced.

In low power, two white lights can be turned on and for high, all eight flood the area with bright, white light. The red LEDs can be switched to flash or to stay on steadily for night vision purposes. The two lights can also be used together, with the flood light on and the flashing light on.

The latter could be helpful for roadside repairs or other situations where a person wants to be noticed while wrenching or stopped for an emergency.