Tucker Rocky Show: Off-road products take center stage

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2012

DVS’ big splash for the powersports market is its new Dirt Series for 2012. DVS made these water-repellent shoes especially to withstand the abuse of dirt sports. The shoes are also especially washable. The tongue foam is incorporated into a removable “pillow,” which allows the user to quickly wash, ring out and dry. Snap-Dry Foam is porous enough to let water and air flow freely through. Each Dirt Series shoe also comes with its own Wash-Bag into which the shoes go before landing in a washing machine.

Riders who endorse DVS include Brian Deegan, Kevin Windham, Justin Barcia, Kurt Caselli and Kendall Norman. Deegan’s name appears on four models. Shown here is the Westridge Deegan Mechanic Boot DS.

DWT Racing has been in business for 22 years and makes wheels and tires for ATVs and side-by-sides. The company developed its Run-Flat Moapa tire with the military at Fort Bragg, and the company has a contract to supply military side-by-sides. The tire has a rigid 12-ply sidewall and 6-ply treads. It is made to run with virtually no air when necessary, making it an alternative to anti-flat devices. The tire weighs about 4 lbs. more than DWT Racing’s 6-ply tire, and its MSRP, $195, is about $60 more.

The new Q4 Hex exhaust system from FMF is the latest iteration of the company’s ongoing mission to produce a quiet muffler that also provides linear power. The system uses a completely new platform to get the decibels down to the range of 93 dB to 94 dB. Suggested retail is $359.99, and applications include dirtbikes made by the Japanese OEMs as well as KTM and Husqvarna.  

New from Fox Racing Shox for the Polaris RZR XP 900 and XP 4 900 is the 2.5 Podium-X With Bottom-Out Control. The position-sensitive 2.5-inch bore allows for greater damping force capability while allowing the shock to run at lower overall temperatures, resulting in less fade. The internal bottom-out cup provides additional damping at the bottom of the stroke. Less compression damping at ride-height gives improved comfort and traction while huge damping in the end-zone helps to flatten out the biggest bumps. Suggested retail is $1,495 for the set of front and rear shocks.

Gaerne has two new coloways for its Italian-made SG-12 off-road boot: orange for the KTM crowd, and blue, red and white. MSRP is $569.

Galfer said its new Superlight Tsunami Oversize Rotor Kit has been used by racing teams for the past six months and is now available for dealers. Weight savings come from the fact that the rotor uses a carrier made of aluminum rather than stainless steel. Galfer now offers four levels of retail pricing for it oversize kits: Wave, $314; Tsunami, $339; Superlight Wave, $371; and Superlight Tsunami, $395. All Galfer rotors or laser-cut. Kits come with brake pads and a relocating bracket.

Great Day was displaying its new Rumble Seat and Overhead Gunrack for side-by-sides. Each Rumble Seat accommodates two adults. The seat is framed in aluminum and adds 24 lbs. to the vehicle. Features include safety belts and cushioned pads covered with 600-denier PVC-coated polyester. Quick-detach brackets allow for fast installation in all popular brands and models of side-by-sides. The seat is available in black or camouflage. (Story continues; click below)