Tucker Rocky Show: SparX's new lid of old


SparX has added a new helmet to its lineup: the open face Pearl. Designed to appeal to the newer group of riders who have embraced the vintage look of an open-face lid, the Pearl comes in the requisite metal flake colors and will retail for about $100.

Available to dealers sometime in the Fall, the DOT-certified Pearl will come in five to six colorways with two graphic models. Each lid comes complete with a pair of black old-timey goggles to complete the look.

“There is a trend of going back to the retro look,” said SparX’s John Kim. “What was once old is now new again.” He adds that the look really appeals to a broad range of customers, from the Café Racer crowd to scooterists.

As with all of SparX helmets, the Pearl comes with the company’s crash replacement — if a customer crashes and damage the lit, they just need to return it with a copy of the police report, a summary of how it performed and the company will ship them a new helmet.

“We encourage our riders never to reuse a helmet they’ve crashed in,” Kim said. “The one-impact rule is something we really want to reinforce with our riders.”

The company is also undergoing something of a makeover — a new website is slated to be launched within the week. Kim noted a company effort to reassert the brand and what it represents.

As part of these changes, SparX is also introducing an apparel line, starting with a handful of T-shirts.