Tucker Rocky Show: Speed & Strength puts mainstream fashion into motorcycling

GRAPEVINE , Texas - Going into 2011, Speed & Strength has tweaked its lineup with a number of products that during Friday’s presentations had more than a few Tucker Rocky reps nodding their heads in approval.

They include a textile jacket with matching hoodie to be worn underneath the coat, an actual armored hoodie (it’s in the elbows!), a flat black full-face helmet, an upgraded version of the Twist of Fate cowhide racesuit (C.E. Know spine protector), an updated version of the Twist of Fate textile jacket, and the textile Call to Arms jacket. The latter echoes back to the waxed cotton riding gear of yesteryear.

Sales specialist Sean MacPhail also showed off an entire lineup of matching casual apparel that can be paired with — and sold alongside — the riding gear, which is already matched together. He urged the reps to get their dealers to cross-sell these products.

MacPhail said the brand is reaching into the mainstream fashion world and building the style into the motorcycle market, as evident by the front pockets and styling of the Call to Arms.

Here are some of the details of the new stuff:

  • Call to Arms
    • Available in two colorways, the textile jacket comes with removable Knox C.E. approved shoulder and elbow protectors, a removable vest liner and belt loops for pant attachment. Retails for $199.95.
  • Off the Chain
    • This is the jacket that comes with an available hoodie (sold separately) that can be worn underneath. As MacPhail put it, most people immediately remove the liners of their riding jackets. Why not give them something they can keep in, and not wear when it’s hot?
    • The jacket’s removable, shoulder, elbow and spine protectors are all Knox C.E. approved. And, like the brands other jackets, it comes with belt loops for attaching to pants. Retails for $199.95.
  • The Power and The Glory
    • This one had many of the reps shouting, “Yeah!” It’s a basic black hoodie that features removable C.E. approved shoulder and elbow protectors. It also features embroidered artwork on the chest, sleeves and back.