Tucker Rocky Steps Up — Big


More than once, we heard that Tucker rocky "owned the show" this year. Not only did the distributor hold a national sales meeting at indy, it increased its booth space, expanded its ATV products into a separate location, and displayed a third more vendors than the year before. And then it backed a threestory, three-band industry bash Sunday night at the Hyatt Hotel. (It was an interesting contrast to parts Unlimited's exhibit, which was smaller than in recent years.)

Tucker added 3,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space — for a total of 13,000 sq. ft. — which allowed it to highlight vendor brands, increase space for dealer meetings, and improve traffic flow, says director of marketing Stephan Ulbrich. The bigger splash at this year's Dealer Expo was part of Tucker Rocky's efforts to better serve its dealers, he said.

Tr's ATV segment director Glen Urquhart says the separate ATV booth enabled the company to showcase almost all of its QuadBoss and Ducks Unlimited product lines, something it hadn't been able to do in previous shows. "Our extra space also allowed us to feature almost 25 of our top ATV vendors," said Urquhart. "Floor traffic was strong, and the space was like a living catalog."

The results of all the time, money and effort? More sales, Ulbrich said. Even though the general economy is sluggish, Tucker rocky reportedly is enjoying growth across all market segments, particularly sportbike and ATV.

There also have been strong sales in exhaust sales and P&A for side-by-sides, UTVs and ATVs, Ulbrich noted.

"Overall we had a great show, and I am very pleased with the results in terms of dealer interest, rep enthusiasm, vendor satisfaction and orders written," Ulbrich added. — Dennis Johnson