Tucker Rocky's Really Big Show

Tucker Rocky Distributing hosted 500 dealerships at its national sales meeting in late July. Nearly 150 vendors showed product during the event, double the size of any product showcase previously organized by the company. We reported on 39 of these vendors in our October issue. See below for an additional 39 vendors not included in the original story.

The Aries AE1 Replacement Air Filter placed in the top 10 in the Kickstart product competition at this year's Dealer Expo. The dirtbike filter made by Advanced Flow Engineering is oil-free, meaning no mess to clean and longer service intervals. It reportedly provides up to a 10 percent boost in power. New applications include various '98-'07 KTM models, the '04-'06 Suzuki RM-Z250, the '04-'05 Kawasaki KX250F and various '03-'08 Honda CRF models.

Arai has come out with the fifth rendition of its Corsair model. The Corsair Five features an Airwing top spoiler that has five positions so that riders can place it in a position to correspond with their riding style: full-tuck, mid-tuck or upright. Arai gave the Corsair Five new side exhaust cowls, enhanced air inlets, larger upper vent tabs, and brow vents that duct air to the rider's temples. The helmet also has a larger bottom opening, making it easier to put on, and the eye port and shield are 10 mm wider. Arai's Dry Cool liner, exclusive to the model, gets a new silver/gray color. The neck roll is removable and has exhaust channels, and the cheek pads feature Arai's Emergency Release.

The Arrow Exhaust lineup, all made in Italy, is divided into three levels of exhausts: 1) the Competition line for tuned engines, 2) the Standard full exhaust system for stock engines, and 3) the Entry-Level slip-ons with one or two silencers and a linking pipe to the stock headers if needed. The slip-ons provide more torque and a power gain of 1 to 3 hp, Arrow claims. They have only about 40 percent of the weight of the stock system. A Standard full exhaust system provides a power increase of 6 to 8 hp and a 50 percent weight savings. All Competition systems come in two versions: 1) stainless steel headers with titanium midpipes and silencers and 2) full titanium. Dealers can buy Arrow racks for displaying the product.

In April Arrow came out with a Competition full exhaust system for the Ducati 1098 (MSRP: $2,499). Its header/midpipe/muffler measurements are 54 mm/72 mm/65 mm (Arrow claims the stock headers measure between 45 and 50 mm). The system is reportedly 6 to 7 lbs. lighter than stock.

Arrow also has a Competition full exhaust system for the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR ($1,369). The system is being used in World Superbike racing and won last year's championship. It reportedly is about 15 lbs. lighter than stock (a weight savings of about 70 percent). Arrow also has a full Competition system for the GSXR-1000 ($1,599).

Insurance giant AAA has named Battery Tender a preferred supplier. Co-branded chargers will soon be distributed through AAA outlets. Battery Tender has also begun offering motorcycle hang tags that inform customers that a unit has been pre-wired for a Battery Tender charger.

Ammar Bazzaz started Bazzaz Performance in 2003 to bring engine management technology used in professional motorcycle racing to the average racer and motorcycle enthusiast. After working as a race engineer at Yoshimura R&D for six years, and helping Mat Mladin bring home his first three AMA Superbike championships, Bazzaz now offers a variety of ECU and ignition components for Japanese streetbikes.

What does the product line consist of? The Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit, Z-Fi Quick Shift, Z-Fi Traction Control, air/fuel mapping, switches and other related parts that allow a tuner to make adjustments either at the track or on the dyno.

Any Jeep enthusiast is sure to recognize the name Bestop. Now the company hopes to grow that brand recognition in the UTV market. Showing product at the Tucker Rocky meeting was the firm's first powersports-related event.

"We've been a longtime automotive supplier of soft tops for Jeeps — making them for Chrysler for the last 18 years — so we've taken the things we know how to make in that market and crossed them over into the UTV marketplace for Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki and Club Car," says the company's Jim Chick.

"We're launching with soft goods, a complete cab enclosure and a tubular door kit," Chick says. "We're certainly not the first company to the party with this type of product, but we do think we have the best."

Blingstar started in the sport ATV market with a line including bumpers, rear grab bars, nerf bars, underbody armor and graphic kits. The company this year extended its product line to include UTVs.

"We like to bling out vehicles," says Blingstar's Amber Roberts. "New items for this year are our Attack bumper and our Gladiator bumper. The Gladiator is our first product for the UTV side of the market."

Braking makes its B-Wheels for a variety of 2002-and-up sportbikes. The complete front wheel has Braking SK racing rotors. The complete rear wheel has a Braking rotor and an aluminum Sunstar Works Triplestar sprocket. Each wheel has OZ rims and retails for $990.

Castrol has upgraded both its packaging and formulas for 2008. It has also added weights and viscosities to its four-stroke products, all of which meet new JASO MA2 specifications. As far as marketing goes, the company is busy promoting its Tri-Zone Technology. Castrol tests and designs all its four-stroke oils to protect the moving parts in the three critical zones: engine, clutch and gearbox.

E.K. Chain's 525 and 530 pink chains used to come in flat pink, but at the request of stunt rider Kane Friesen, the company has switched over to a glittery pink. (A Friesen tag line is "I play in Pink!" and he has an all-pink bike.) E.K. Chain also switched the color of the inner plates of its black chains from silver to gold. An interesting side note: E.K. Chain made the chain that appears on Batman's motorcycle in The Dark Knight. The company claims no one has ever made a chain that long.

For five years, F2P Technologies has sold its Flash2Pass garage door opener to automotive retailers. Now it's entering the motorcycle market. The device allows riders to open their garage door just by double-clicking their high beams. A receiver replaces the door activation button in the garage, and a transmitter is hidden on the bike. The system works with any garage door opener and requires no batteries. It retails for $79.95, and customers can buy additional transmitters for $34.95 each so that up to six vehicles (cars or bikes) can access one garage.

Elka may be best known for its ATV suspension products, but the company recently expanded into UTVs and streetbikes.

"We're starting to develop products to fit Harley-Davidson," says Elka's John Ilkiw. "We're integrating a lot of the technologies that we used in our sportbike and ATV product into our H-D product. It's a very, very high-performance product that'll be able to provide the damping those customers have been looking for for a long time.

Another new Elka product: Steering dampers for ATVs and dirtbikes. "All the KTM-related product is in, and we're just waiting for the product to come in for the Japanese models," Ilkiw says.

Fluidyne has three new applications for its high-performance radiators: the '02-'08 Suzuki RM85, the '07-'08 Suzuki RMZ250 and the '06-'08 Yamaha Raptor 700. The dealer margin for all three is 30 percent. The company claims 38 mm cores provide 50 percent more surface area for increased cooling.

Genuine Innovations revamps the clamshell packing for its Street Bike Emergency Tire Repair Kit. The front of the package is now a bright orange. According to the company, unlike other flat tire kits, this one allows the rider to fill a tire with just two 45-gram cartridges instead of seven or eight. Using fewer carbon dioxide cartridges gives the rider a better chance of reseating the bead, the company says. The kit retails for $59.99, and the dealer margin is 38 percent.

In its second year with Tucker Rocky, Gilles Tooling is a German company specializing in sportbike hard parts like adjustable rear-sets, top clamps, clip-on bars and chain adjusters.

New product includes applications for the KTM 1190 RC8 and Super Duke; the Kawasaki Z1000 and ZX-10R; the Honda CBR1000RR; the Ducati 848 and 1098; and the Suzuki GSX-R600/750, B-King and Hayabusa.

Goodyear's new UTV tire is the Rawhide MT/R 2. It went into production in August and comes in the following sizes: 26x9-12, 26x11-12, 26x9-14 and 26x11-14. The MT/R 2 is the stock tire on the new Honda Big Red.

Gregg's Customs has new mirror blockoffs with LED signals. Applications include the 2008 ZX-10R, Ducati 1098 and 848, the 2008 CBR1000RR and 2008 GSX-R models.

HiPer Technology's latest wheel is a 12-inch with bead lock. "It's a carbon fiber CF1-style sport wheel with a carbon fiber center," says HiPer's Angie Coulter. "The most common model is a 12x7, but we now have custom off-sets in four different half-sizes.

"We also have the Tech 3 and the CF1, and then the 14-inch three-part modular wheel with dual bead locks and a forged aluminum center section — and that'll go more toward the UTV market."

HiPer has been in the Tucker Rocky lineup for two years. HiPer's best-selling models have been the CF1 sport wheel and the Tech 3 racing wheel. "We've been pretty popular with the sport market, but now we're seeing an increase in sales in the UTV market. It's going really well," Coulter says.

iShock entered the industry with pit bike product, then moved to ATV product, and now has expanded into UTV product.

"We've got about four times the product we've had in previous years, so it's an exciting time for us," says the firm's Darren McGarvie.

"We've got all-new shocks this year — we've upgraded everything we've done in the past," adds the firm's David Schaeffer. "Every shock has been swapped with a brand-new shock with massive upgrades. They sit at the same price point and carry the same margins, so you can expect the same great deals."

Dealers can use Magura's Professional Clutch Bleed Kit on the hydraulic clutches found on KTM models and on the Polaris Predator. Dealers can also use it on aftermarket ATV clutches. The tool provides a cleaner, simpler way to accomplish the task.

Tucker Rocky distributes ATV and UTV product from bodywork supplier Maier USA. The company's Jeff Lewis gives us the rundown: "We've got a new custom hood and complete bodywork for the RZR, available in 10 different colors plus a carbon fiber look; a custom front for the Rhino; fender flares for utility ATVs; and complete bodywork for the LTR450 and KFX450 — one piece front and one piece rear, making it easy to put on and take off. They're selling really well."

MSR's high-end Phantom gear gets a pant with a new ventilation system at the knee. The brand's revamped NXT gear (also high-end) comes in seven colorways, including a tangerine one that a vendor rep says will be "the score this year."

MSR discontinued its Revolver midlevel gear and will now offer only Renegade gear. The company took features such as Kevlar knees and microcuffs from last year's NXT gear and put them into the Renegade line.

MSR's new enduro gear is the X-Scape jacket and pant retailing for $199.95 each. The jacket has two chest vents, two arm vents and three back vents, all controlled by a waterproof zipper. The gear comes in one colorway: mostly black with a bit of white and gray.

Looking to fill the space around your cash register with toy streetbikes, dirtbikes and ATVs? Tucker Rocky picked up New Ray Toys in October 2007.

"I think this year will be great because we have some of the hottest race teams on board — ProCircuit/Monster, RedBull/Honda Racing, Rockstar/Makita, Yoshimura/Rockstar and Jordan Suzuki," explains Kenny Baba, sales manager for the vendor. "There's nobody else out there that does what we do with the race teams, so it's going to be huge."

Parker Synergies has acquired a Yamaha license and has come out with a line of casual items for men, women and children: hats, T-shirts, hoodies and a fleece zip-up jacket. The company has had a Honda license for about a year. New items include three styles of garage shirts (CBR, CRF and VTX), T-shirts, Gold Wing hoodies, hats, a race shirt and a Honda Racing fleece zip-up jacket. Retail prices for both the Yamaha and Honda items are $24.95 for hats, $19.95 for T-shirts, $49.95 for garage shirts, $59.95 for hoodies and $79.95 for jackets.

The latest product from lighting specialist PIAA: 2-inch HIDs specially designed for use with ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles. "Powersports [has been] the fastest-growing part of our business for the past seven years," says Wayne Hughes, regional sales manager. "In the U.S. market, that business has actually exceeded our automotive and truck business."

Drawing only 1.5 amps, PIAA's new HIDs ramp up to 95 percent of their total light output within 10 seconds. Retail price is $550 for two lights, harness and switch.

"The other HID lights for powersports vehicles that are currently on the market are scaled back, less wattage, less output," Hughes explains. "We have a bulb that puts out about 190 watts' worth of white light. Blue looks cool, but it's not a great illuminator. Performance-wise, white just illuminates so much better."

Have customers who already use PIAA lights but want to upgrade? "We use the same harness we use on our halogens. So if a rider already has a set of our 510s, he can literally just unplug those and plug the new HIDs in," Hughes says.

Pilot has been in the industry for 14 years as a private labeler. Now it's promoting its own brand of apparel. It also obtained a Yoshimura license in January. New products include a Yosh-branded mesh vest in highly visible orange, designed to military specifications. Retailing for $59.95, it has a removable hook-and-loop ID holder, 3M Scotchlite reflective areas, and a zippered front with adjustable elastic drawstring sides. Also new is the Yoshimura AF mesh jacket that retails for $129.95, has removable armor, and comes in black, silver, blue or red.

PJ1 is revamping all its packaging. It's also been promoting its Octane Plus fuel stabilizer (the company is an NHRA sponsor). Octane Plus has been out for years, but PJ1 is just now making a push into the motorcycle market with it. The stabilizer increases octane and increases a fuel's shelf life. In addition to being an energizer, it's a good product for people who store their bikes over the winter, the company says.

First handlebars. Then grips, sprockets, triple clamps. Now ProTaper enters the foot peg market with a $179 product. A midlevel cleet will be out next year, the vendor says. Levers and a high-end 520 O-ring chain are in development. Also new from ProTaper are tie-downs that retail for $34.95.

Rancho launched a UTV line earlier this year at Dealer Expo in Indy — performance and appearance packages designed for the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris RZR.

The performance product line ranges from stock replacement suspension parts to a full long-travel shock to be included in a suspension package. The appearance product includes front and rear bumpers, front and rear frame stiffeners, roll-cage extensions, tire carriers and cooler holders.

The Rancho shocks are nine-way-adjustable and come with everything needed to make the switch, including Eibach springs. "What makes our shock absorber a little different from others is the ease with which it can be adjusted," says Rancho's Jason Denardo. "It's a simple dial, with No. 1 soft and No. 9 firm. There are none of the complexities that makes suspension adjustment complicated for the average user."

Want a long-travel suspension package for a Rhino or RZR? Check out Rancho's complete suspension package that retails for $6,142.

Ready Racing will come out in November with the washable, pre-oiled, two-stage Mega Filter retailing for $19.95. Right now the company offers only a disposable pre-oiled filter, which it will continue to sell. The filters can withstand about 40 washes. Also new are Ready's Precision Micro Fiber Paper Oil Filters. Customers can buy them two ways: a single pack for $5.95 or a four-pack for $19.95.

RXR chest protectors feature air chambers inflated by the user. Three models are available, including the Promodel pictured. The manufacturer, RXR Protect, also makes a jacket and backpack with air chambers. The company has been in business for less than two years. Its R&D center is in France, its factories in China and Korea, and its assembly plant in Morocco. RXR Protect claims its products are five times more protective than traditional hard-plastic protectors. Racers who use the Promodel include Ashely Fiolek and Ryan Mills.

Tucker Rocky began distributing SparX helmets in late 2007. The brand has five new graphics for this year, including ones featuring Bruce Lee, skulls and a dragon. It also has a new open-face helmet, the FC-07, which comes in sizes XS-XXL and has a quick-release retention strap. Solid colors red, silver, black, matte black, gunmetal and pearl white retail for $89.99. Models with graphics retail for $103.99. Like SparX's full-face helmets, the FC-07 is ECE2205-certified and has shield vents that help prevent fogging. Customers who get into an accident generating a police report can get a free replacement helmet thanks to the company's crash damage program.

Speed Industries has become a go-to company for a variety of product related to UTVs, specifically the Polaris RZR and Ranger, Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Teryx and Arctic Cat Prowler.

"Our bread and butter has been in offroad seats and seat covers, but we also have bimini tops, a front bumper with skid plate, a rear bumper, cage extensions, a shoulder harness bar, a unique strap called the 'Super Strap' for towing, Rhino doors, and a steering wheel, shifter and bolt-on light bar," says Speed Industries' Josh Pitts.

Tucker Rocky picked up Spy Optic about six months ago. Check out the company's Web site for all its latest goggle designs.

According to Stomp Design, several professional dirtbike racers use its Traction Seat Cover. The freestyle team Metal Mulisha also uses it. The cover is made of a grippy material and has sewn-in traction panels on its sides. These panels line up with Stomp Design's tank shroud and airbox/side panel kits. Available for most late-model dirtbikes, the cover is made in Huntington Beach, Calif., and retails for $99.95.

STM is a new product line for Tucker Rocky. "We've been on the market for a while, but we're really excited to be working with Tucker Rocky both on the dirt and street side," says STM's Nick Iannitti.

STM slipper clutches are becoming a popular option for performance riders. In fact, STM clutches are being used by the reigning World Superbike champion, the reigning World Supersport champion and the reigning World Supermotard champion.

"For this year we've updated all of our Ducati clutches; we introduced some new pre-load adjusters, some new bar-ends and some new swing arm spools; and we've added some new style items like drain plugs, slave cylinders and clutch covers that have all been redesigned with a new look and feel," Iannitti says.

Sunstar has a full range of new applications for its 520 aluminum rear sprocket for streetbikes. No longer is the product just for Suzukis. Sunstar also made the sprocket thicker.

Canada's TJD offers track kits for UTVs and utility and sport quads. The company began with its Cat Tracks track system, expanded into the XGen track system with suspension, and now offers a track/ski kit for sport quads.

"We're making them for 30-some different models," says Mike Fontaine, sales director. "We're the only manufacturer of tracks that has a product like this on the market right now."

Yana Shiki has been in business for four years, but Tucker Rocky picked up the brand just this year. We reported on the company in June when its swing arm extensions made the list of top-selling products according to winners of our Top 100 dealer contest. Yana Shiki may sound Japanese, but the company's Ken Winter informs us (jokingly) that "two rednecks out of Florida" started the company. The products are made entirely in the United States. The company founders picked the Yana Shiki name simply because it sounded cool. Coming soon are Yana Shiki Solo Seats, which replace the passenger seats found on all late-model sportbikes.