Twisted Throttle ups the intensity with Denali D2 lights

Publish Date: 
May 11, 2012

Twisted Throttle’s Denali D2 lights put out a whopping 70 percent more effective light than their predecessors, the D1s — all without increasing electrical power draw from the vehicle’s battery.

A durable aluminum housing helps dissipate heat and keep the light pods cool while in use, while the Prime Drive Technology Electronic Thermal Management System monitors heat output, prolonging LED life span. The company says the LEDs should potentially last about 50,000 hours. The entire unit is submersible in water up to three meters.

These LEDs are available in two configurations: The Denali D2D, which features a dual-intensity brightness and a separate controller, and the Denali D2S, which has a single-intensity brightness and a lower price.

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