Two Brothers Calls Quick-Pack M2R Silencer an Industry First


Two Brothers Racing says its off-road M2R exhaust canister is the first silencer that can be repacked in minutes without removing it from the bike and without having to drill out and replace rivets.

“The lifeblood of an efficient exhaust system is the packing,” Jeff Whitten, Two Brothers’ vice president, stated in a press release. “Once the packing has maxed out its lifespan, performance goes down drastically along with sound quality and muffler durability. With the M2R system, riders can easily restore their mufflers to peak performance in minutes with simple tools and zero frustration.”

Two Brothers says that all riders, regardless of their mechanical ability, can repack an M2R canister.

Joel Albrecht is Two Brothers’ director of research and development. “In the things-we-despise-doing bike maintenance list,” he said, “I will go so far as to say that repacking an old muffler easily lands on top, outranking cleaning air filters and changing tires. Most mufflers require tearing apart an exhaust canister, stuffing loose or ‘pillowed’ packing in and bolting and riveting it all back together. It’s a frustrating and messy process. With the M2R system, everything is simple. Our new packing is even shaped like the canister so it slides right in.”

All muffler repacking is done from the end of the canister with the muffler on the bike. Behind the familiar Two Brothers end cap and under the company’s p-series power tip is a lock-down system that holds in place the outer end cap, muffler core and packing. Riders remove the lock with a tool that comes included. They then slide out the spent packing, and slide in a new, press-formed packing kit.

M2R systems are now available for most motocross and off-road motorcycles. Two Brothers is limiting the first production run to 500 numbered units (1/500, 2/500, and so on). Each system is hand-built in the U.S. and uses the company’s VALE attachment system.

Posted by Arlo Redwine