Two Brothers Power Plus Kit offers a clear-cut bundle

Publish Date: 
Jul 30, 2013
By Bruce Steever

SANTA ANA, Calif. - Everyone loves a bundle deal, but compared to the typical late night Buy One Get One infomercial deal, Two Brothers Racing has created a bundle that your customers may actually want.

The Power Plus Kit is the “logical and economical buy” for a sportbike rider according to Two Brothers, and it’s hard to argue the point.

Each Power Plus Kit is a collection of accessories built around a Two Brothers Racing exhaust system. Complimenting the exhaust are the parts a customer would likely want to buy along side, such as a Juice Box Pro fuel injection controller, a silencer repack kit, a P1X noise reducing insert for stealthier riding and a few clever marketing touches, such as Two Brothers decals and casual apparel.

To seal the deal, the whole package is offered at nearly a 15 percent discount, adding immediate value for the consumer.

According to Two Brothers president Joel Albrecht, the idea simply came from filling a need to simply the purchase and upgrading for riders of today’s supersports. Approximately 80 percent of Two Brothers’ products are sold through distributors. According to Albrecht, the unavoidable delay in printing and distributing massive catalogs can lead to confusion with applications for parts for models that may fall between the calendar year and the printing of the catalog. The Power Plus Kit removes any confusion, with a clear cut package built for the bike in question and the EFI tuning tools needed. This also adds value for customers by eliminating errors and restocking issues.

Power Plus Kits are available for the latest models from the big four in the top-selling 600cc and 1000cc classes. Each Power Plus Kit is drop shipped directly from Two Brothers, which pleases both carrying distributors Western Power Sports and Tucker Rockey, as it reduces inventory maintenance and turnaround time. Of course, if there is a downside, it is the limited window to palce orders for each Power Plus Kit, as they are offered in a “while supplies last” two-week window.

Finally, based upon the initial positive reaction to the Power Plus program, Two Brothers is currently considering additional bundled packages. While unable to name specific products or brands, the expectation is to create packages for motorcycle protection, such as complete slider and chassis protection sets for late model sports motorcycles.