Two Canadian Provinces Seize Vehicles From Repeat Drunken Drivers

Habitual drunken drivers in Ontario, Canada, have more to worry about now than just license suspension.

A new Ontario law cracking down on drunken drivers lets authorities seize vehicles belonging to repeat offenders, according to the London Free Press.

The law lets officials snatch motorcycles, motor-assisted bicycles and snowmobiles as well as cars.

The same law allows the Crown to seize other property associated with criminal behavior, including crack houses, outlaw biker clubhouses, and cash from or property used for other criminal enterprises.

Attorney General Chris Bentley of London was in South Porcupine yesterday giving the keys of a seized vehicle to the Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving.

Three vehicles owned by two repeat drunk drivers have been taken away permanently under Ontario's new drinking and driving civil vehicle forfeiture law. Ontario is the second province to pass such a law, following Manitoba.

For a vehicle to be taken, the court must find the vehicle is owned or driven by a person whose license has been suspended for a drinking and driving offence two or more times during the last 10 years.

Civil court can also release the impound if the registered owner agrees to cut off the offender's access to the vehicle or install a breathalyzer ignition lock.