UK Motorcyclists Average 2-1/2 Hours Searching Online for Insurance Quotes

Publish Date: 
Jan 12, 2010

UK MOTORCYCLISTS spend on average two and a half hours searching online for a motorcycle insurance quote, according to a survey by Swinton Bikes.

The poll of 1,200 customers of insurer Swinton Bikes, which has 580 branches in the UK, found that motorcyclists spent more time online in 2009 looking for motorcycle insurance than they did during 2008. In 2008, drivers spent on average of an hour and a half looking for an insurance policy.

Swinton attributes the increased time on tight budgets during the recession.

"The increased use and availability of the Internet has had a massive impact on the insurance industry,” says Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton Bikes. “Motorcyclists can now get a quote anytime, anywhere and in a short amount of time.

"Despite the huge demand for motorbike insurance quotes online, many of our customers still enjoy the benefits of being able to speak to one of our advisors in our specialist bike call center. Last year we saw UK bikers spending more time searching for the best price, which was most likely due to the economic climate."

Posted by Holly Wagner