Ultimate Builder Washington: Seven new customs debut

Publish Date: 
Jan 24, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Seven new custom bikes made their debut at the J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show during the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Jan. 10-12 at the Washington Convention Center.

The Ultimate Builder competition is managed for the Motorcycle Shows by Bob Kay and Jeff Najar of Biker Pros.

SHO DOG winners were Roy Chamberlin of C&C Cycle and Mike Davis of Speed Worx. Chamberlin won a Garage Leathers solo bag and Davis won a Rocking K Leathers chain wallet. Two Wheel Mafia Custom Cycles took home the People’s Choice Award and received a custom Bell Helmet pinstriped by Skratch.

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FreeStyle Class

First Place: John Dodson of Gangster Choppers rolled four choppers into the Washington Convention Center, with three of them going to the front of the hall and placed into the showcase area. Dodson's fourth chopper, "Low Down," entered into the competition and took first place in freestyle. "Low Down" is his personal chopper and was completed at 2 a.m. the morning of the show. It’s a stock 1981 Lowrider and features a 93ci Shovel, 10:1 compression, EVO oiling and .600” lift cam. The oil bag, fuel filter and pegs are all hand fabricated.

Second Place: "Blood, Sweat and Gears," a 1979 CM400T by Joey Chanel of Race Response.





Third Place: Ross Latimer of Rats Customs with "Maverick," a 2001 Sportster.





Modified Harley Class

First Place: Adam Karns's Hooligan bobber, a custom 1974 Hog that features a 1000cc Sportster mil, mobile video and nav, split rocker boxes, molded chassis, hard tail, hydraulic clutch and hidden wires.




Second Place: Robert Kelley with "Black Betty," a 1990 Sportster.





Third Place: Daniel Rodriguez of KarTunes Inc. with a 2009 Roadglide.





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