Ultra Auctions Inventory Ahead of Facility Move

In response to calls about a planned auction to clear out manufacturing equipment and unused inventory, Ultra Motorcycle Co. says it has no plans to stop building custom motorcycles.

The auction Friday, Nov. 15, at its Mira Loma, Calif., facility is part of an effort to sell off outdated machinery and parts before the company moves to a new, yet-to-be-disclosed site, says Jose Plascencia, who works in Ultra's dealer development and sales department.

"We don't plan to cease operations at any point," Plascencia told Dealernews and Big Twin Dealer. "We're trying to transition out of here but are up and running at the other place.

"We're staging for the auction and moving equipment to the new location...so mechanics don't have to stop building and affect production."

Plascencia says the company is keeping the new location on the down low for now but will stay in Southern California, adding that dealers have been informed of the decision. The plans, however, are to move Ultra out of its current industrial setting in an unincorporated stretch of Riverside County to a new, more visitor-friendly location.

The location in Mira Loma is too large and outdated, he says. The new facility will be a destination spot where visitors can come and hang out, have a burger and some fries, Plascencia adds, without giving any details.

As for inventory, Bar None Auctions lists a large variety of manufacturing equipment and machinery, a few Ultra models and a handful of other motorcycles.

The current incarnation of Ultra Motorcycle Co. is owned by Fred Campagnuolo, a Florida-based dealer who purchased the company out of bankruptcy in 2001. On its website, www.ultracycles.com, the company lists 17 dealerships in 11 states and two countries.