UPDATE: Trotter wins first round, postponement of criminal charges

Publish Date: 
Aug 23, 2013
By Holly J. Wagner

Other actions. Tennessee Auctioneer Commission (TAC) charges against Trotter, filed in 2011, were thrown out by an administrative law judge; however, TAC had the charges reinstated, and Trotter has appealed that decision to Davidson County Chancery Court. A spokesperson for the Tennessee Attorney General said the TAC is waiting for a ruling on that appeal.

Separately, Tennessee's Motor Vehicle Division obtained a restraining order against Trotter’s companies, claiming they were not licensed to sell motor vehicles in Rutherford County. Trotter’s auctioneer license has since lapsed.

A few dealers have won civil judgments against Trotter but have yet to collect. Most recently, attorney Jeff Reed said he won a judgment of $88,722 for Classic Harley-Davidson in Pennsylvania, but a bankruptcy court judge discharged Trotter’s debts and terminated his bankruptcy before the dealership could collect. Although the judgment was deemed non-dischargeable, the dealer so far has been unable to collect.