Ural Motorcycles reports 11 percent growth in Q1

Publish Date: 
Apr 29, 2013

REDMOND, Wash. - Ural Motorcycles is reporting 11 percent growth in Q1, a boost up and over the same period in 2012.

In addition to the sales swing, the company has also launched a retail financing incentive and a grassroots consumer engagement program.

“It’s been a very long winter for the most part of the country, not surprisingly 75 percent of our sales during these months were models with on-demand 2WD, which is known for all-weather and snow capability,” says Ural VP Madina Merzhoeva. “Sales were up every month of Q1, but March turned out to be a bit more challenging. We’ve set ourselves an aggressive 30 percent growth goal for 2013. It has been a slower start than expected, so we are turning up our marketing and sales efforts. We still intend to meet the goal.”

In April, the motorcycle sidecar company launched a 2.99 percent retail financing deal via FreedomRoad Financial to kick spring sales into gear. Ural also continues its marketing push through social media and work with dealerships to engage new, existing and potential customers.

The company’s new Ural Emissary program is a peer-to-peer effort to use existing customers and the bike’s “look at me” appeal to reach a new audience, says Jon Bekefy, Urals director of strategic marketing communications. The company has also partnered with establish brands and media to get the message out to a wider audience, Bekefy adds.

Since the beginning of the year, Ural has added four dealers to its retail network. These include Big Twin Cycle Center in Boise, Idaho and Maxey’s Cycles in Oklahoma City. The OEM is pushing to at least another 10 dealers in key markets.

Press release posted by Dennis Johnson