URAL Seeks Investment to Expand

IMZ-Ural Group, Inc., the Washington-state-based corporation and owner of the Ural motorcycle sidecar brand, has retained Hardcard Holdings, LLC to consult and introduce potential investors from the powersports industry to the company.

Ural, which underwent a management buyout in 2003, has more than doubled worldwide unit sales, reduced operating expenses and dramatically improved quality since its restructuring. The company is investing aggressively in quality improvements, upgrading key components and is meeting global emissions requirements. Ural product demand is outpacing the company's supply resources.

"This is a unique opportunity for a strategically-aligned investor from the powersports industry to join with a growing OEM brand that has tremendous potential," said IMZ-Ural Group President and CEO Rick Clark. "The Hardcard partners will be working to introduce and connect the company with potential investors and partners from the powersports industry for the further expansion of the Ural business."