U.S. Warranty to cover new Asian Imports

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2007
By Arlo Redwine

United States Warranty Corp. (USWC) launched its Eagle Sport extended service plan for New Asian units not already covered by its regular package. The warranty covers most major components and labor.

"The response has been incredible so far, and we have been fine-tuning the program based on vendor inquiries since Dealer Expo," says Robert Landis, president of sales and marketing at USWC.

The Ohio-based company was founded in 1975 and has been attending the show for many years. According to Landis, the continual increase in Asian exhibitors year after year made the decision for such a program a no-brainer. Many of the foreign exhibitors at Dealer Expo either do not provide a warranty or provide only a limited one.

USWC is selling the package to high-volume importers, distributors and foreign-based exporters — not dealerships.

The company reviews the specs and components of every prospect's vehicles. If everything checks out, the purchaser is allowed to include the warranty with their owner's manuals. The end user makes the choice whether to activate the warranty by phone or online. Customers who opt for the warranty can take their vehicle to any qualified service facility, and USWC reimburses the repairer by credit card or check.

End users can purchase a six, 12- or 24-month plan. For motorcycles and scooters, the deductible is $25; for ATVs and go-karts it's $30. The monthly premium starts at $48.88 per month (fpr a six-month contract on a scooter/moped with a retail price of no more than $500). The premium is determined by the vehicle's purchase price.

The biggest advantage of the Eagle Sport warranty for dealers is that it makes the vehicles more marketable. Plus, Landis says, it takes off some of the heat.

"Instead of customers going back to the dealer, they're going to contact us if they activated the warranty. And if they didn't, the dealer can say, 'You had the option to purchase an extended service plan and declined.'"