Used Motorcycle Dealer: Should your state association have a used-bike manager?

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2007
By Jay Williams

AFTER SURVEYING a group of dealers belonging to the same state dealer association, I found that not one of them employed a used bike manager. So I decided to approach the association through one of its key members.

The dealer is someone who has for years believed in the prosperity of used bikes, and who has since the early '90s been a serious player in the used bike market.

During a meeting with this dealer I reviewed several benefits of employing a used bike manager. This then launched me into my suggestion for the dealer's state association: It should retain an association-level used bike coordinator.

This individual would be responsible for assisting member dealers in inventory management — through auctions, networking and other sources of inventory additions and reductions.

The used bike coordinator also could provide training on the used bike market for individual dealers or as part of an association meeting.

The benefits revolve around the value of inventory management and the economies attained when a group employs a single person to do many of their dealership tasks, so that the individual dealers do not incur the expenses associated with adding another manager.

At the end of the meeting I was asked to show them how much an association-level used bike coordinator would cost (and profit) the dealers that participate in such a project.

This seems to be the old chicken-or-the-egg question, because a used bike coordinator would help the participating dealers move inventory. (continued)