Used motorcycle retailer takes club store approach

Publish Date: 
Jun 6, 2014

MARGARETTA TOWNSHIP, Ohio – A local retailer is taking a page from club stores by passing volume savings along to customers.

M&M Cycles, dubbed the area’s mom-and-pop motorcycle shop, offers discounts to all of their 25,000-plus customers, from locals to customers around the world. The shop does a brisk trade in used Harley-Davidsons and new Hyosung motorcycles.

“We use our buying power to maximize discounts and then pass those discounts on to the customer,” owner and CEO Mark Kammer told the Sandusky Register. “Everything here is bought and paid for without any debt. We are buying stuff at cheaper prices than anyone else can in town from the same suppliers.”

Rather than pocketing profits, Mark and his wife, Linda, apply a decades-old philosophy they learned from George Roeder.

“Take care of the rider, and the rider will take care of your checkbook,” said Kammer, who worked for six years as a parts manager for Roeder Harley-Davidson in Monroeville. “We are truly a customer-is-never-wrong operation. If it wasn’t for the Roeders, none of us would exist. I wouldn’t be here. They supported me when I went out on my own. We got a damn good education and a working philosophy from them.”

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