Utopia Worldwide selling goggles dealer-direct

Publish Date: 
Sep 21, 2012

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Utopia Worldwide is now selling dealer-direct. The company announced this week that dealers can immediately order the company's goggles, casual wear and accessories directly from the manufacturer.

"This new process will help us offer more flexibility, better service and a reduction in potential back orders," said Geoff Walters, domestic sales manager for Utopia Worldwide.

According to its 2012 Dealernews Buyers Guide listing, Utopia distributed its products through Tourmaster. Walters did not state whether Utopia would continue to distribute any product lines through Tourmaster.

Utopia is promoting is Slayer Pro MX goggle (shown) for its fall dealer program. "Dealers can enjoy deeper discounts and boost margins with the purchase of as few as 12 goggles. There is no minimum purchase. The goggles come prepackaged in an easily stackable, clear box, and floor-standing or countertop displays are also available," Walters said.

Posted by Mary Slepicka