VamPLIERS take a bite out stubborn fasteners

Publish Date: 
May 9, 2012

It sucks to try and remove difficult fasteners, screws and bolts, especially in the dark of night. What you need is a pair of strong sharp teeth that can bite into any metal fitting, or possibly a werewolf, and exercise it without a prolonged, strength sapping struggle.

Sudco International introduces to the American powersports market, direct from Transylvania (we think the company is kidding on that one), VamPLIERS™, a versatile, all-in-one mechanic’s hand pliers with a spring-loaded handle to open the jaws so you don’t have to manipulate the tool both ways during any life or death struggle. They feature a unique jaw design that can exterminate stubborn fasteners and other ungodly creatures who might get in the way.

VamPLIERS™ grip the rounded the head of a bolt, stripped screw heads, Allen or Torx socket bolts (and fangs). They can also cut thick metal cage wires without any dents or defacing of its cutting edge thanks to the treated high-quality carbon steel construction, Sudco says. Silver bullets sold separately. Sudco Part No. 950-305 retails for $34.97.

Contact: Sudco International, 310-637-8330,