Vectrix Building U.S. Retail Network

Although headquartered in Newport, R.I., Vectrix first sought to establish its brand of electric scooter in Europe, where scootering is a long-accepted form of transportation.

The sales network is most developed in Italy, and success there has funded growth into other parts of Europe. "Our goal is to open 20 Vectrix flagship stores by the end of the second quarter in 2008," says Roberto Mucci, managing director of sales, Vectrix Europe. "In addition to the opening of single-brand dealerships, we plan to identify 120 new sales outlets in selected dealerships in strategic cities."

"The initial focus in the United States has been on the high-end markets in California, Florida, Texas, Utah and Washington, and we are now turning our efforts to the development of the network in New York, Virginia, Oregon and others," says Scott Williams, global sales director, Vectrix Corp.

"The right choice of people at all levels is of fundamental importance for achieving the strategic objectives we have set ourselves," adds Mucci. "We believe that the sales network is a fundamental asset for the development of our brand, and this is the reason we are very selective in our choice of partners."