Vectrix electric scooters win two European awards

Two Vectrix clean energy scooters, the VX-1 Li/Li+ and VX-2, this past week won “European e-Scooter of the Year” at the Circuit Zolder Clean Week 2020 event launch in Belgium.

Vectrix’s two awards come closely on the heels of last month’s European debut of the Vectrix VX-1 Li/Li+ and VX-2 at AutoRAI 2011 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The competition was judged by a panel of automotive and motorcycle journalists from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavia, UK, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria using criteria that included Ecoscore (consumption, emissions, and noise), Driving Range, Recycling, Refilling/Reloading, Price, Performance/Consumption, Aesthetics/Styling, Drivability, Availability in the Market, and Quality of the Press Kit.

The Circuit Zolder Clean Week 2020 award categories included e-Scooters (under 25 km/h/15 mph, under 45 km/h/30 mph, and over 45 km/h/30 mph), e-Bicycle, e-Quadricycle, and e-Bike (on-road, off-road, and MX). The Vectrix electric VX-1 LI/Li+ won the “over 45 km/h (30 mph)” class and the VX-2 won the “under 25 km/h (15 mph)” class.

“Vectrix is extremely proud to take home the European e-Scooter of the Year awards for both our clean energy VX-1 Li/Li+ and our VX-2,” said Brian Buccella, Vectrix vice president of sales and marketing. “To win one category is awesome. To win two categories out of two is simply incredible.”

From a press release. Posted by Mary Slepicka