Vectrix to Relaunch at Dealer Expo

Publish Date: 
Feb 9, 2010
By Arlo Redwine

Electric scooter maker Vectrix is having its official relaunch at this week’s Dealer Expo (Booth 2301). It will be offering special pricing on previous-year VX-1 models updated to the 2010 model’s standards.

Vectrix Corp., a newly formed Delaware corporation, and Vectrix International are the new owners of assets bought last year from the brand’s original owner, which had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Vectrix Corp. has opened its new U.S. headquarters and development center in New Bedford, Mass. “With its patented technologies developed over the last decade, Vectrix will continue to design and develop innovative technology solutions … with original key members of its product development team,” the company stated in a press release.

Vectrix says Dealer Expo will give it an opportunity to “reassure its loyal customer base” that it intends to grow. The company is now shipping spare parts and finished products.

Brian Buccella, the company’s VP of sales and marketing, tells Dealernews that the company is initially offering only the VX-1. The company will not be selling the VX-1e, a lower-priced model that used a lead acid battery pack.

“As part of the asset purchase, we have some inventory from 2007, 2008, 2009 and now 2010 because we’re still running our production plant,” Buccella says. “So we have all four model years available.”

Buccella says that because the design of the VX-1 hasn’t changed much, Vectrix is now busy upgrading the previous-year models to 2010 standards. “So if a dealer was to order them,” he says, “the VIN may say 2007, but the software and performance of the bike all meet the standard of 2010.”

To move out old inventory, Vectrix plans to offer the units at a reduced price at the show, where it will announce retail and wholesale pricing.

Just last Friday, Vectrix contacted the previous dealer network to renew contracts. “We’re in the process of contacting and re-establishing that dealer network throughout the U.S.,” Buccella says. “So it’ll happen hopefully in the next 30 days. … We’re going to try to honor the warranty on the vehicles they have floored, and do those type of things to make this a step in the right direction as we relaunch the company.”

Vectrix will be working to expand its fleet sales through dealers, Buccella says. He notes that the New York Police Department already uses 10 of the VX-1 units. “It’s been a great use for that product line, and we look at expanding into professional law enforcement markets, both at the federal and state level, police services as well as campus safety.”

Vectrix dealers will be handling the fleet sales, then offering high-level fleet support, even though corporate will be helping out. “In the beginning, there’s going to be a lot of support,” Buccella says. “We’ll do what we have to do. Then as processes and procedures — really the infrastructure — gets in place, it will get much easier to support it.”

Buccella adds that fleet sales may be especially apt for the three-wheeled VX-3 now in development. “That’s one of the products that we’re looking at really marketing to the professional marketplace,” he says, citing two principle benefits of three-wheelers: the vehicle code and easier rider training.

Regarding the consumer market, Buccella says that in addition to the VX-3, the company is working on extended-range options and more accessories.

“There was a lot of great things about Vectrix,” Buccella says, “and we just need to look at what was successful in the past and try to build on it.”

Key features listed by Vectrix for the 2010 VX-1:

  • Zero carbon emissions during operation
  • Range of 35–55 miles (depending on speed, rider weight and driving habits)
  • Top speed of 68 mph
  • Acceleration 0-50 mph in 6.8 seconds/0-31 mph in 3.6 seconds
  • As responsive as a 400cc scooter but with a 125cc classification, making the bike accessible to anyone with a provisional license who has completed CBT training.
  • Patented Multi-Function Throttle provides regenerative braking and a slow-speed reverse for greater maneuverability and easy parking
  • The onboard charger recharges the scooter in just over three hours from a standard 110/220V (3 pin) power socket.
  • Low noise for reduced sound pollution
  • Estimated battery life of 10 years/50,000 miles


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