Vectrix SBK, the Electric Sport Bike

Vectrix says it understands that vehicle performance is the key to attracting powersports consumers, and unveiled the SBK concept sport bike last November at the EICMA trade fair in Milan. The company says it'll consider producing the "high performance electric motorcycle" after having received a minimum of 500 orders at €55,000 a pop.

Vectrix says the SBK — designed with an aluminum frame, single-sided swingarm, laydown rear shock and perimeter-disc brakes — will have a top speed of over 125 mph and be able to cover a quarter mile in 12 seconds at 110 mph. The brushless permanent magnet motor delivers maximum power of 80 hp and 75 lb.-ft. of torque. The bike can cover a range of 124 miles at 25 mph, 62 miles at 50 mph and 41 miles at 75 mph. Recharging the battery pack takes 2.5 hours.

"We want to produce and sell two-wheeled electric vehicles that exceed all existing performance standards," says Carlo Di Biagio, a Vectrix board member, company spokesman and former CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, S.p.A. "We believe that moving around in the city and also on the track with electric vehicles no longer has to be a disadvantage or an unrealized dream, but a new opportunity to be seized."