Veteran getting his Kiks at Suicide Cycle


A Huntington, W. Va., veteran is cashing in on the down economy with a shop that lets customers build their own bikes from scratch.

Brad Lemley, 32, sells custom-built Kikker 5150 motorcycles. His Suicide Cycles is the only Kikker dealer in West Virginia, according to the Herald-Dispatch.

"For about $3,500 someone can come in and build a bike from the ground up," says Lemley, who bought his first Kikker about a year ago. "It's that pride somebody gets when you say, 'I built my own bike,'" he says.

Customers choose their own parts. Lemley places the order and when the parts are in, the customers come into the shop to assemble them.

"They use our shop, our tools and our knowledge to build a bike," Lemley says. "We have a leather guy and a paint shop (that we work with), and they can pick out what they want for a custom job."

Kikkers weigh about 250 pounds and get about 70 miles to the gallon. They carry a one-year warranty.

The name of his store is based on the "suicide clutch" on the bikes. "All our bikes have a suicide clutch and jockey shift," he says. "It's a little challenging, but easier for people who have been riding a while."

Lemley can build bikes for customers, but charges a $400 assembly fee and requires a signed waiver. The store also sells PG&A.

Posted by Holly Wagner