Victory High-Ball riders have a Corbin option

Publish Date: 
Jul 7, 2013
By Bruce Steever

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Corbin seats historically have been one of the first choices for riders looking to upgrade their stock upholstery.

And while almost every bike can benefit from improved ergonomics, cruisers are often at the top of the list, with owners looking for improved comfort, better pillion options, a change of style and likely a combination of the lot.

When it came to Victory’s High-Ball, Corbin created options to satisfy all three cruiser needs.

Each features Corbin’s proprietary Comfort Cell foam atop a Fibertech basepan. The Dual Tour seat is designed to offer improved comfort for both rider and passenger for longer trips, while the Hollywood Solo seat is definitely aimed at creating a slick style to match the Victory’s lines.

The Young Guns saddle splits the difference with a narrow, svelte design that still gives improvements in seating positions.