Viper Motorcycle Company Unveils 2010 Diamondback

Publish Date: 
Dec 1, 2009

Viper Motorcycle Company recently unveiled the 2010 Viper Diamondback 152, but product availability will be limited as the company prepares for a formal launch.

“The first 2010 models are ready for release and will be shipped immediately to key dealers such as Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas, Eddie Trotta’s Thunder Cycle, Low Country Customs, Ronnie’s Harley-Davidson, Creagers Cycle Center, Extreme Customs, Victory of Grand Rapids and more,” Viper president Terry Nesbitt stated in a press release.

“In an ongoing effort to increase our exposure and add overall value to the Viper brand,” he continued, “we are announcing an innovative merchandising campaign designed to give Viper motorcycles their own space, enabling our brand identity to grow. We are providing to our dealers a branded motorcycle showroom display stand. The high-performance 2010 Diamondback Super Cruiser has no equal and will be appropriately displayed. As we move forward preparing for a formal launch, including additional models and large-scale production, we will continue to make available to our dealers the best and most effective merchandising tools available in order to increase value in the Viper brand.”

Viper says that its 2010 models are a continued result of a joint effort with Ilmor Engineering, which provides developmental support for the proprietary 152 cu. in. Viper V-twin engine.

Posted by Arlo Redwine