Viper Motorcycle Reports Higher-Than-Normal Sales


The Viper Diamondback 152

Viper Motorcycle Co. has announced that it’s Diamondback 152 motorcycle is selling better than expected.

"Retail sales are well ahead of projections and growing at a pace to meet and exceed our expectations, and dealers are clamoring for more,” says company president Terry Nesbitt in a news release.

Rick Fairless, owner of Strokers Dallas, reports that the Diamondbacks are “selling as fast as they arrive.” An early editorial review from American Iron Magazine spoke in favor of the bike, specifically its engine. “All I can say is that this engine is impressive, especially since it is a production motor and not a custom built one-off,” AIM’s managing editor Joe Knezevic writes. “Simply put, Viper's engineers have done a wonderful job with this proprietary engine, and this is the only production bike I know of that comes with such a big heart."

Viper Motorcycle Co. is a subsidiary of Viper Powersports Inc. For more information, visit or

— Cynthia Furey