Virginia dealer struggles for rezoning approval

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Feb 28, 2012

Planning commissioners are holding up a zoning change for Village Motorsports in Unionville, Va., that would allow the 2012 Top 100 Dealer to hold more big sales events.

The Orange County Planning Commission voted down a proposal last year to re-zone a back lot of the business, which fronts on Village Road, from residential to commercial so owner George Carter could use the area for overflow parking.

He was back last week asking for the re-zoning, with a list of concessions he is prepared to make to accommodate neighbors wary of the use at the former feed store site, according to the Orange County Review.

Despite Carter’s promises to restrict use of the parcel to up to four annual sales events, impose daily quiet hours from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and submit a site plan to the county by July 31, planning commissioners so far have voted down his request.

Area residents fear that granting the request would lead to spot zoning that would let commercial activity gradually seep into residential neighborhoods.

“This indicated why we have zoning in the first place,” said commissioner Steve Satterfield. He added that a rezoning would create an incompatible use. “The proffers aren’t enough to mitigate the impact on the area. I ask commission to think of the neighbors, they’re innocent here and should be considered.”

Lucretia Wolfcale, sales manager for Village Motorsports, spoke in favor of the plan and said Carter is making a good-faith effort to address the concerns of the neighborhood.

“This why proffers are in place, they’re voluntary concessions,” said Wolfcale. “They’re an attempt to eliminate discrepancies that might exist.“

Posted by Holly Wagner

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