Virginia pawn shop needs dealer's license to sell motorcycles


A prominent Lynchburg, Va., pawn shop owner and his son are facing charges alleging the son tried to sell a motorcycle without a dealer’s license.

State DMV agents took a dim view of L. Oppleman's alleged attempt to sell a Harley-Davidson, and served a warrant there on Oct. 28. They arrested Ryan Somers over his father David Somers’ objections, and a scuffle ensued, according to WSET.

David Somers told the station the motorcycle was not for sale; rather, his son intended to buy it from a customer. A business selling a motorcycle without a dealer's license is a misdemeanor in Virginia.

Authorities told the station Ryan Somers refused to sign the summons, then both men tried to prevent the younger man’s arrest. Both then were charged with obstructing law enforcement.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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