Virginia to require boating course for PWC riders

Publish Date: 
Jun 11, 2012

Virginia PWC riders should prepare for some changes this summer. Starting July 1, anyone who operates personal watercraft must take a boating safety course and become certified.

The state has been phasing in the requirement over several years, adding a new group based on age every year. Now the law will cover everybody.

"Boating education helps everyone because now we're seeing less accidents, less problems out there and I know as a business owner renting vessels it makes me feel more comfortable knowing they have some education behind them," Rich Phillips, a store manager at Parrot Cove, told WDBJ7.

Some people have complained about not being able to sign up for classes because they're full but many rental facilities offer on-site courses to get riders out on the water the same day.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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