VooDoo ATV/UTV axle prevents disengagement at full droop

Publish Date: 
Feb 8, 2013

ROCKFORD, Ill. - Motor Master Powersports will unveil during Dealer Expo its line of VooDoo Axles for ATVs and UTVs that have lift kits, or extended A-arms, and require a long travel suspension.

Stop by Booth 1947 to check out what the company calls “revolutionary” high-strength axles, which were designed to be able to extend and compress in order to accommodate long suspension travel. Motor Master reports that VooDoo Axles can also operate at narrower angles than other axles.

They’re able to do this by utilizing a fixed Rzeppa inner CV joint to allow 45 degrees of articulation, while 2 in. of smooth travel is provided by a ball bearing supported slip spline in the axle shaft.

According to Motor Master, the long travel helps to prevent disengagement of the inner CV joints from the transaxle when the suspension is at full droop. The axles are available for a variety of models.

Posted by Dennis Johnson