Voxan launches premium electric motorcycle

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2013
By Bruce Steever

PARIS, France – As promised in 2010, French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan has made true to its promise to develop new green machines by the end of 2013.

Previously, the French firm has only produced a limited range of V-twin sports motorcycles such as the modern face racer called the Charade. That all changes with the public unveiling of the new Voxan Wattman, an all-electric motorcycle featuring a high level of specification and even higher promised performance.

Beneath the slightly slab-sided exterior is a brace of new technologies. The machine lacks a conventional frame, instead using a rigid aluminum “exoskeleton” to house all the key components.

Underneath the shell is a 12.8 kWh battery pack supplying power to a 200hp electric motor. With 147 lb.-ft. of torque delivered to the rear wheel via a toothed belt, Voxan claims a blistering 0-100 mph time just under six seconds. Maximum range is a claimed 180 km, or about 110 miles. More importantly, the battery pack is designed to reach 80 percent of max charge in as little as 30 minutes using the Euro-standard COMBO II charger system.

Besides claiming the title of the world’s most powerful electric motorcycle, the Wattman also delivers top-notch chassis components. Twin shocks control the unusual braced swingarm, and Beringer’s quad disc front brakes utilize two pairs of 230mm discs for top notch stopping power. Of course, with a claimed weight of 771 pounds, good brakes are a necessity.

While price has not yet been announced, Voxan makes no mistake that this will be a premium product, as each machine will be built to order at the Solesmes (Sarthe) Electric Vehicle manufacturing facility.