VP C45 blend for tuners maximizing their next built engine

Publish Date: 
Dec 17, 2013
By Bruce Steever

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - VP Racing Fuels introduces C45, a leaded fuel blend offering peak performance in naturally aspirated drag racing engines, according to Jason Rueckert, VP’s midwest regional manager.

“C45 is designed strictly for ‘all motor’ applications, meaning naturally aspirated engines,” Rueckert explains. “It’s oxygenated, and when tuned properly, will handle up to 16:1 compression. It will not handle boost or nitrous.

"With its 100 motor octane rating, pulling a couple degrees of timing at first to be safe is recommended," he continues.  "It will require approximately 4 to 6 percent more fuel than VP’s Q16, so a purpose-built carburetor will most likely be in order. But in the hands of a knowledgeable tuner, C45 cannot be beat for power and torque.”

Technical questions about C45 can be directed to VP’s Tech Support staff at 812-878-2025 or DragTech@vpracingfuels.com.