VP Racing amps up street-legal performance with new fuels

Publish Date: 
Mar 7, 2013

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — VP Racing Fuels has released two new fuels that the company claims has the “highest octane ratings of any street-legal fuel on the market,” delivering “increased horsepower and acceleration, better throttle response and a cleaner burn.”

VP101 and VP102 build on the performance gains of the company’s VP100 fuel, which offers noticeable performance gains.

The fuels are reportedly oxygenated with ethanol and meet Arizona and California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements. VP101 will be offered widely, while VP102 will be available exclusively by special order.

“Blending VP101 with your local premium fuel can give you the desired octane number to at least meet the performance standards of your vehicle or go beyond to truly maximize its performance,” said Steve Scheidker, VP Racing’s director of marketing.

According to the company, VP101 contains no metal compounds, nor will it harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. www.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html