VP Racing Fuels Expands Tech Support


VP Racing Fuels has expanded its Technical Support group to include contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses for specific fuel uses.

“VP’s strength has always been its leading-edge technology and dedication to R&D, much of which has been conducted right alongside racers on their dynos and at the track,” Steve Burns, VP’s president and CEO, stated in a news release. “But because we can’t be everywhere at once, we want to make sure that technical support for all our other customers remains just a phone call or e-mail away.

“You won’t find another fuel company offering this level of support, which will be yet another point of differentiation that will set VP apart,” Burns claimed. “Customers can now easily tap into the specialized expertise needed to ensure they not only select the best fuel for their application, but tune their engine to achieve the maximum performance of which that fuel is capable.”

VP’s expanded Tech Support roster:

General Tech Support: Tech@vpracingfuels.com; 812-878-2025

Specialty Tech Support:
Drag Racing: DragTech@vpracingfuels.com; 812-878-2025
Oval Track: OvalTrackTech@vpracingfuels.com; 302-521-1767
Motorcycle/Powersports: MotorcycleTech@vpracingfuels.com; 210-241-1192
Street Legal Fuel: StreetLegalTech@vpracingfuels.com; 812-878-2025
Small Engine Fuel: SEF94@vpracingfuels.com; 812-878-2025

In addition, customers can visit VP’s website at www.vpracingfuels.com to review fuel information and submit tech questions online. As before, customers may also contact their VP Regional Distribution Center, which can field not only technical questions, but queries about pricing, dealer locations, shipping and more.

Posted by Arlo Redwine