VP Racing teams with B3C for ultimate easy fueling fix

Publish Date: 
Jul 7, 2013
By Bruce Steever

ELMENDORF, Texas -- There are so many marginal motorycles running today. They’re in good enough shape to run, but that’s about all you could say for them. The suspension is shot, the tires mismatched, the brakes are glazed and the fuel system is barely flowing gasoline.

While most of these issues definitely require some dedicated servicing, a dirty fuel system might not always require a trip to the tech’s bench.

VP Racing Fuels has teamed up with B3C Fuel Solutions to create a convenient “Fix-It Fuel” that cleans out fuel systems mucked up by neglect, bad fuel and ethanol.

Using an ethanol-free 89 octane base fuel mixed with B3C’s “Mechanic in a Bottle,” Fix-It Fuel promises to clean out varnish and corrosion in a simple gas-and-go form. While major fuel system issues will always require proper know-how and wrenching, Fix-It Fuel should help refurbish quite a few motors out there.

Fix-It Fuel is available in quarts, five-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.