Warm your rubber with Chicken Hawk Racing

Publish Date: 
Feb 21, 2013

RED HOOK, N.Y. - New from Chicken Hawk racing are the company’s limited- production Pro Team tire warmers which were developed with input from world championship-winning race teams and tire techs.

The new tire warmers reportedly heats more gradually and efficiently and can bring race rubber up to temperature more accurately by using a sophisticated digital controller, 185 ft. of heating element and other proprietary materials, the company says.

The length of heating element is three times longer than most warmers and consists of a new alloy element that’s much thinner than the industry standard, Chicken Hawk reports. This way, it adds, the element can be spaced closer together.

The Pro Team's additional layer of insulation effectively drives heat into tire carcasses, the company notes. Chicken Hawk Racing's patented DuPont Nomex melt-proof inner liner, aluminized kevlar chrome outer material and wind-stopping neoprene side panels also help with insulation.

A multiple-function temperature controller is mounted directly to each warmer with a quick-release power cord. These can heat tires up to 225 degrees F, and feature two heating modes — normal and a slower, heat-soak setting. The controller includes a run-time counter that shows how long the tire warmer has been on and a backlit LCD display.

Posted by Dennis Johnson