We need a favor. OK, two favors

Mary Green Slepicka
Publish Date: 
May 20, 2014
By Mary Green Slepicka

BY THE TIME you read this, hopefully you will be taking a 10-minute breather from all the traffic you’re getting through the front door, at the service entrance or even to your website.

So I’ll be brief: We need a favor. Actually, two favors. One will take you a few minutes and the other a bit longer -- but we promise both will be worth the effort.

This summer you’re going to receive requests to complete two surveys from Dealernews. The first one is a readership study, and it will ask about how you get information from us (and other sources) and, more importantly, how you’d LIKE to get information from us.

Our editors talk to dealers every day, but a formal survey does a couple of additional things: it extends our reach to those of you who don’t call us or email us or stop us at an event, and it enables us to quantify information to determine trends and, ultimately, what improvements to make. You see, Dealernews is a “living thing,” and it constantly evolves and changes (and sometimes changes back) as you see fit.

Want more dealer profiles, market research, product training? This is a good time to say so. Do you read the DealerNEWS ALERTS on a smartphone? That’s important for us to know, for formatting reasons. One surprise for us this year was to find out that more readers are opting to receive the print magazine again -- in addition to receiving the digital edition and the ALERT. So, hey, everything is on the table.

The second survey is the 2014 Wages & Benefits Study, where we’ll ask you or one of your trusted managers to answer questions related to compensation and benefits for a number of staff positions -- from sales manager, to service writer, to GM.

This is going to take you a little time to fill out, but there’s a return on your investment. The results of the Wages & Benefits Study will give each of you a valuable resource for understanding the employment condition in the powersports retail sector, allowing you to access information on average compensation rates by type of business (metric, V-twin, multiline, single line, service shop, PG&A only, etc.), by size of business and by general geographic location. Understand that your individual responses will NOT be revealed but, rather, anonymously incorporated into a set of tools that will help you hire, reward and retain employees.

Watch for the 2014 Dealernews Wages & Benefits Survey Form coming your way in the next few weeks. We appreciate your help for this important project.