Website provider PSN uses YouTube to improve video functions


By leveraging YouTube, website builder PowerSports Network says it has improved the way dealers upload and manage videos on their websites. Dealers get the upgrade for free.

PSN says that the new version of its Web Site Flix has the following before-and-after benefits:

  • Before: Limited number of video file formats accepted
    After: Wide variety of video file formats accepted
  • Before: High turnaround time for adding file formats
    After: Additional file formats quickly added by YouTube
  • Before: Extensive processing time
    After: Faster processing of uploaded videos
  • Before: Standard video quality only
    After: High-definition video quality available
  • Before: 80MB file size limit
    After: 2GB file size limit
  • Before: Search-engine-friendly for text only
    After: Enhanced search engine visibility for videos and text
  • Before: Unable to edit title, description and keywords
    After: Title, description and keywords can be edited

The new Web Site Flex is now available to PSN users through their Dealer Maintenance environments.

Dealers can capture their visitors’ attention by offering videos that showcase their pre-owned inventory right on the inventory detail pages.

Dealers’ videos on YouTube can provide store information and links, thus improving the visibility of their stores and inventories.

Posted by Arlo Redwine