Western Power Sports Takes on Spidi


In a surprise announcement for the reps gathered in Boise, Idaho, for its annual sales meeting, Western Power Sports says that it will now distribute Spidi street apparel.

WPS president Craig Shoemaker says the distributor should have the high-end Italian gear in stock come October. He adds that the new line is not a replacement for Fieldsheer, which ended its distribution agreement with WPS in April to sign a deal with Helmet House.

“Spidi is a totally different category,” Shoemaker says, likening the brand to Dainese products. “It’s very high quality. We’re not going to try to go out and set up 1,000 dealers. It’s not that kind of lineup. The shops that are really into it, they’ll like it.”

As for the Fieldsheer line of apparel and luggage, Shoemaker says the company will continue through 2010 to distribute its large stock of warehoused products.

Spidi and its previous distributor, Motonation, parted ways in July. See our story here.