What's Next, Custom Bike Building University?

In an effort to bring some formalized structure to the world of custom bike building, a collection of well-known builders have formed the Custom Bike Association. The new organization is to debut in February at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.

Backed by founding members Paul Cox of Indian Larry Legacy, Aaron Greene of Paramount Custom Cycle, Matt Hotch of Matt Hotch Designs and Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycle Design, the CBA was formed to help standardize custom bike building specifications and set up education guidelines for many bike building disciplines. The standards would be used to identify shops that have accredited custom bike builders and mechanics on staff.

The organizers point out that the proliferation of custom bike shops makes it difficult for a customer to know which one really knows its way around a custom motorcycle.

"While still under final development, the CBA already shows the potential to be a positive force in the world of custom V-twin motorcycles," says Trotta. "By bringing much-needed consistency and direction to the world of custom building, this visionary, non-profit community represents a clear turning point for the entire industry."

The CBA will have a booth (#227) at the Cincy show where those interested can find out more and meet with representatives to talk about the features and benefits of being a member. For more information contact Louis Ontiberoz at (321) 446-0522 or louis@velocityinc.com.