What's Next, Strokers Internet?

Dealernews columnist and all-around industry madman Rick Fairless has given his Web site a make-over and, as they say in Texas, “It sure looks purdy.”

The site mainly revolves around Fairless’ dealership, Strokers Dallas, but also includes lots of information on the rest of the Fairless empire — this includes Strokers Ice House and Strokers Ink. Take a look at strokersdallas.com to check out the new features, expanded online store and new search functions.

Included in the many changes and updates are more pictures, more news and press releases, an expanded online store, and new search engines within the site. The Sales section also lists all motorcycles for sale with several pictures of each bike from every angle, making it easier for customers to view and search all bikes for sale.

“I wanted to make this new website a place where people can come check it out and spend a long time looking around, just like they do at my shop,” Fairless says. “We have over 6,500 pictures posted in more than 100 galleries. We have hot new biker babes. We have a new media page and YouTube videos. We even have a daily updated ‘Rick Sez’ section. All of this will give people plenty to search, browse, read, and enjoy.”

One feature that Strokers Dallas is especially proud of is the new search engine abilities within the Strokers Dallas online store and their associated catalogs. Strokers Dallas has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the motorcycle parts and apparel businesses and has integrated all of their catalogs into one easily searchable database. Customers can type in one keyword and find results from all catalogs, and then make their purchase directly from the Strokers Web site.

More features will be added soon, including a podcast-only version of Rick’s radio show, The Texas Hardtails Scooter Show.