Wheelies video wheels closer to U.S. dealers, thanks to production deal

Publish Date: 
Jan 6, 2014

NEW YORK, N.Y. - World Moto Inc., has contracted with Thailand-based DMC Corp (154) Co. Ltd. for production of its Wheelies LED display technology, bringing the video display wheels a step closer to U.S. dealerships.

The alliance lets World Moto move immediately into limited production of the Wheelies device, vehicle wheels with digital technology that turns them into video displays. The deal anticipates low-volume production runs of tens to hundreds of units to refine the production yields, increase the efficiency, and decrease warranty and support costs of the manufacturing process.

DMC will provide an experienced research and development team to help design automated test and analysis fixtures and programs. World Moto anticipates the limited production and optimization stage to last about 6 months, after which full commercial production will begin.

"Any time you develop a truly innovative product with very little in common with typical devices, you face a significant challenge in qualifying manufacturers,” said World Moto CTO Chris Ziomkowski. “As no one has any direct experience with a similar product, there are few metrics you can use to help guarantee success. We are fortunate to have found such a capable manufacturer who has the experience, capacity and flexibility to help us guarantee commercial success."

World Moto will make limited production units available over the next six months for purchase or lease to advertisers, distributors and dealers, both for the purpose of generating revenue and awareness, and to establish distribution chains in advance of full commercial production. In addition, the company may institute a preorder program to promote early adopters of the technology.

DMC recently concluded an extensive proof of concept phase that included demonstrations of its capabilities to meet World Moto's standards for manufacture of printed circuit boards, injection molded components, conformal sealing and assembly of the Wheelies device. 

Posted by Holly Wagner