Wheels light up with Lunasee ASL 1000

Publish Date: 
Sep 10, 2012

GREENVILLE, N.C. - The Lunasee ASL 1000 is a new safety system designed improve to improve night riding safety by lighting up the wheels of a motorcycle to make it more visible on the road.

The system uses an electronic controller, four high-intensity LEDpods and photoluminescent tape that is applied to a motorcycle’s wheels or rims. Light from the LEDpods shines on the tape, causing the tape to glow and to create solid rings of light as the wheel turns. Unlike refective tape, this tape stores and emits light, making it visible even when not in the beam of headlights, the company said.

“With the ASL 1000, when you enter a motorist’s field of vision, you appear unmistakably as a motorcycle, even from a distance,” the company reported. “Drivers know immediately what and where you are, significantly diminishing the chances of surprise and worse.”

The system, Lunasee officials said, works even in well-lit environments where background lights wash out the illumination of headlights or tail lights when viewed from the side.

The ASL 1000 can be installed by technicians or by customers with average mechanical skills and some experience installing accessories on a motorcycle, the company reported. Complete installation instructions are included with each kit.

Posted by Dennis Johnson