Who is 'Canada's Worst Driver'?


Could it be? Is it possible that Canada’s Worst Driver is a powersports dealer?

Paul Thurston, 55, or Collingwood, is among the contestants on the Discovery Channel show “Canada's Worst Driver.”

The former motorcycle stunt driver -- he once held a world record for jumping 15 cars on his bike -- now runs a motorcycle shop and U-haul rental business. He’s also the first graduate from the sixth season of the reality television show.

Thurston -- or 'Thursty' -- got the thumb's up from the show's panel of expert judges in the season's fourth episode, which aired last Monday (previous episodes are available at www.discoverychannel.ca).

"I just hate cars," Thurston, who teaches riding courses and is often consulted on accident reconstructions involving bikes, told the Enterprise Bulletin.

The show puts contestants through a series of driving challenges each week. Think “Dancing With the Stars” on wheels.

"[The cast] had a great time, and we still keep in touch," he says. "It was really good, and I learned a lot."

Posted by Holly Wagner