Who Is a Community Relations Manager?

Publish Date: 
Jan 5, 2009

In January’s letters section (page 6) we didn’t have the space to print the full reply to a letter, so we post the complete Q&A here. — ed.

Your article on a community relations manager (Todd Shafer’s “Selling Online” column, November) intrigues me. Please send me any information you have on how to find a person to fill this position along with the job description. Great article and Shafer’s site was very helpful. — John Fackrell, Coast to Coast Powersports, Tulsa, Okla.

Shafer replies:

No. 1 (like, super No. 1), you need someone who is passionate about people! I hired someone because I recognized that the stuff I talked about in my column was really important, especially the local club and chamber involvements, running events, “networking,” etc., but those are not really my strong points.

No. 2, she (or he — I will alternate in this description) needs to be able to organize and run events. Like the whole thing from the concept to the cleanup after it’s over. Obtain someone who knows more about this than you. If she doesn’t, then you hired the wrong person! Hire the good person and let her loose!

No. 3, he should be passionate about riding. He doesn’t have to ride, but it helps. He could be a racing fan or something like that. It helps to have that motivational interest in specific facets of the industry.

No. 4, she should have knowledge of Internet marketing, advertising, etc. This is less important because you can always contract out some of this stuff or hire someone to teach it to her. It’s WAY easier to get someone who cares about people to learn the other stuff, than to get someone who’s a bike freak or an event planner to care about people.

The dream candidate (I know this is not P.C., and you would not want to put this into a job description, but hey, no one hires ugly models, right?) would be a really attractive, outgoing woman who has a few years of experience doing things like wedding planning (used to stress, working on a budget, etc.) and loves motorcycles. If she rides herself, awesome! If she rides with her husband, cool! If she just loves bikes and demonstrates working knowledge beyond knowing the typical number of wheels they have, you can work with that. If she wants to rant and rave about what a jerk Pedrosa is for taking out Nicky a few years ago, that’s a good sign as well! :)